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Discover Neexwell’s Spectrum Of Architectural, Engineering, And Construction (AEC) Services Designed To Bring Your Projects To Life. From Meticulous Documentation To Innovative Design Solutions, We Offer A Full Suite Of Services With A Commitment To Excellence, Precision, And Global Collaboration.


Interior Design .

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We offer robust support and remote services to overseas architects. We create detailed 3D models of buildings, interiors, and exteriors. These models are information-rich and serve multiple purposes. Our architects closely collaborate with client architects. Together, we produce comprehensive construction documentation sets for city and building department submissions. Our team provides accurate 3D models and precise CAD drafting services. From Schematic Design (SD) to Construction Documents (CD), we cover the entire project lifecycle. We prepare permit-ready documentation for our overseas partnering firms.  We support clients during the construction phase.



At Neexwell Structural Services, we specialize in creating precise technical drawings that effectively communicate the design intent of any structure. Our team is dedicated to ensuring accuracy and clarity in every aspect of our work.

Our skilled engineers generate both 2D documentation and 3D models using cutting-edge software. We provide multi-disciplinary coordination, comprehensive construction and prefabrication drawings with meticulous detailing. Our schematics ensure that every element aligns with the overall design. Our goal is to deliver a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing final product.



We take pride in offering comprehensive 3D models and technical production drawings for a wide range of systems such as Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire protection systems. Our expertise ensures precise documentation, efficient coordination, and seamless integration, maximizing project efficiency and performance.

Revit Content creation

Revit Content Creation

Leverage the power of BIM with superlative Revit Family, Modeling, and Content Creation

Facade detailing

Facade Detailing

A façade is a crucial element that contributes to aesthetics, energy efficiency, and functionality. We provide façade fabrication drawings and models for architects, building owners, contractors and construction personnel. Our services include production drawings for curtain walling, all type of façade cladding, spider glazing etc.


Project Documentation

From concept to construction, we offer expert support in schematic design, detailed development, construction documentation sets, and tenant improvements


Landscape Design

Explore and convert your vision for landscape design to reality with our expert solutions.


Rendering and 3D Visualization

Transform Your Ideas into Reality with Cutting-Edge 3D Visualization and Rendering Services.

Revit conversion

Revit Conversions

Sketchup & Point Cloud to Revit Conversions to help you maintain a lean, yet efficient digital modeling team

4D BIM Simulation

BIM 4D / Simulation

Save time with our BIM 4D Simulation Services for Insightful Project Planning and Execution

Clash Detection

Clash Detection / Shop Drawings

Experience collision-free on-site construction with pre-emptive clash detection and shop drawing services

Scan to BIM

Scan to BIM

Digitally transform your offerings with the power of scan to BIM for Accurate As-Built Modeling.

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